A New European Provider Offers cPanel Reseller Cloud Hosting

One of the very few Reseller Cloud Hosting services on the market has been announced this month. Cloud.bg, a new European web host announced it now offers highly available and scalable cPanel hosting from a fully redundant and load-balanced cluster of servers. The company is the first one on the market to offer website owners to manage their cloud accounts thought cPanel. It also enables them to manage their Reseller Cloud Hosting accounts though cPanel’s Web Host Manager.

The company is called Cloud.bg (BG is the national TLD of Bulgaria, one of the newest EU member states) and uses Fuscan Linux Cloud, a high availability system for cPanel designed form producer of cloud hosting automation solutions SingleOS.

Reseller Hosting on the Cloud

Cloud.bg offers Reseller Cloud Hosting that features 100 GB storage space in SAN, 2,000 GB monthly bandwidth and allows Resellers to host up to 200 websites. From a user perspective this hosting service looks pretty the same as the “Grid Service” provided by the popular web hosting provider MediaTemple. However MT does not offer Reseller Hosting and its customers do not use cPanel to manage their hosting accounts.

The new Cloud host sells the Reseller Cloud Hosting service for $65.50/month, a monthly price which applies to an annual contract and prepayment of $786 upfront payment. Use on “Pay As You Go” plan the cPanel Reseller Cloud costs $162/month.

The main advantage of the Reseller Cloud Hosting service described above is that the website owners use the familiar Web Host manager interface to manage their Reseller accounts without a need to adapt to new management interfaces and to learn new software technologies. A highly available cluster of server ensures that they take advantage of scalability and redundancy of resources while enjoying the “good old” Web Host Manager and providing their own customers with the opportunity to use cPanel on the cloud.

Cloud.bg also offers a Shared Cloud Hosting plan that features 100 GB SAn space, 1,000 GB monthly bandwidth and allows customers to host up to 100 websites.

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