Overselling VPS Hosting? Please Don’t Go There!

Overselling is an industry standard in Shared Hosting, something that web hosts underline. When any shared hosting provider states on its home page “Unlimited Disc Space”, this makes it confident that the magic word “unlimited” allows the company to better compete on the hosting market. The truth is that consumers byte this. They think that “Unlimited” means that no restrictions are imposed to the service usage. Sad and untrue. As you know, dear readers of VPS Hosting Dir, “Unlimited” means mandatory restriction over the usage of any web hosting service.

Anyway. Most people who use Shared Hosting account never need too many disc space and data transfer. They never receive a large number of visitors on their websites, which means that they never reach the limits, set by their web hosting providers. And this is allows overselling web hosts to calim that they provide something they don’t.

This is in Shared Hosting. Now, let’s us say a few words about VPS Hosting market. Some web hosts that have limited experience in the Shared Hosting market only, think that they can implement the same policies when they start offering Virtual Private Services to their customer. In the overseller’s mind 500 GB monthly data transfer quota is just very little compared to “unlimited”. They think that it is not reasonable to offer $5 shared plan with “Unlimited” disc sapce and data trasnfer in section of the website, and 500 GB data transfer per month / 20 GB disc space as a part of any VPS offering in another.

So they trying to impress customers and to explain something that can not be explained, oversellers promise to provide unrealistic quotas with the VPS Hosting plans they offer.

However VPS Hosting market is not an industry out of limits. Any Virtual Private Server, regardless of the virtualization technology used, comes with certain limitations. Even when web hosts use OS virtualization technologies to produce and provide VPS Hosting overselling is not acceptable.

It is very easy for owners of a Virtual Private Server to understand when the physical machine that powers their VPS is oversold. And they can switch to another hosting provider. But switching from one VPS host to another is not a solution to find a good service in an unstable and risky hosting service market. As any other market web hosting industry can not work without trust. it is much easier to bridge the credibility gap in Shared Hosting, a market that serves start-ups, than in VPS Hosting, an industry that works for advanced dot-com businesses and projects.

So if you are web host, think about that and don’t try to destroy the consumer confidence in the VPS Hosting market by offering “Unlimited”, “Unmetered”, or even unrealistic features that you can not provide. Making money is important, but the web hosting market is not a short-scheme business.

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