Red Hat And Microsoft Team Up vs. VMware

Red Hat and Microsoft announced a technical support agreement which, according to IT analysts is aimed to compete the leader in virtualization technologies VMware.

Microsoft has recently been put under pressure from customers who demand to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) smoothly on their Windows servers and desktops.

The Microsoft’s virtualization General manager Mike Neil publicly announced that Microsoft and Red Hat signed agreements to test and validate their server OS running on each other’s hypervisors. The hypervisor, also known as Virtual Machine manager is a technology which allows multiple OS to share a single host.

Mr Neil claims that Microsoft’s virtualization solution Hyper-V has better returns compared with VMware.

The Linux software producer Red Hat joined Microsoft’s Server Virtualization validation program while Microsoft became partner for virtualization interoperability and support of Red Hat. the Windows producer said that very soon it will be on Red Hat’s hardware certification list.

What People Say?

“There has been a time when Microsoft aimed to replace Unix and thus was fighting Linux like its worst enemy. But that time passed. Microsoft was the first to realize they are not going to wipe Unix out in the mid-term so they just make themselves comfortable with the idea of having to interoperate, more or less”, comments user of OSnews with nick name TBPrince .

“To keep it short, a Windows license in a Unix environment is license more they will sell. The same way a Novell SUSE installation in a Windows-only shop is more than nothing. And could start a trend. I’m amazed that while Microsoft decided that it cannot win that war and major Unix players agreed (Sun, Novell, now Red Hat, all of them have agreement with MS), middle-sized and small companies are still fighting that war.”, adds “TBPrinc”.