Parallels Rocks In 2009 Summit

More than 1000 Parallels technology partners, resellers and guests registered for the companys annual conference – Parallels Summit 2009. The CEO of Parallels Mr. Serguei Belousov announced that the summit welcomed citizens of 62 countries.

In his welcome keynote Mr Belousov analyzed the development of the web hosting industry and technologies that web hosts use and made a conclusion that one of the most powerful trends in web hosting until 2012 will be Cloud Computing. In his presentations he said that:

  • Hosting business moving to be considered mainstream
  • The conversation has been changing from hosting to software as a service to cloud computing.
  • Giants, such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft, are grabbing more share.

The Parallels CEO gave his definition of  “Cloud Computing” by saying that it is a technological and business approach offered to its users from remote, highly concentrated data centers. According to Serguei Belousov more and more computing will be done this way. He has added that his company is doing its best to help its partners take advantage of this the cloud technologies.

Speaking about cloud computing and online services MR. Belousov mentioned that Google makes everything possible to to take advantage of cloud computing and cloud hosting using its own operating system and application interface. As far as of Microsoft, the Windows producer has also taken the opportunity and moved strongly into the “cloud”.

What “Cloud” Mean Now In Computing?

The first example Mr. Belousov gave was the Amazon – as computing platform, The other one – Google – is an example for an application platform. Applications like and a few others are also an example for “cloud computing”.

Other “clouds” are the hosted services of Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. The Parallels CEO said that it is very important It companies to offer standartized and highly automated services and solutions and to commoditze each of above areas.

Why the Cloud?

It is an efficient, low cost way to obtain computing for everyone. For independent software vendors “cloud” trend in computing means a delivery platform that can open up new markets. For those who do business as value added resellers, the new computing model is an opportunity to become a service provider as well as selling packaged products.

Seurguei Belousov told the participant of Parallels Summit that “cloud computing” should be of interest to a a broad group of people however. He also said that the advantages of cloud hosting and cloud computing should be marketed, sold, operated and, most importantly, and presented to a broad consumer groups.

Going Where Cloud Hosting Can Not Go

It is important for software vendors and we bhosting companies to offer services, office applications and line of business applications which can increase revenues in a number of ways.

The cloud model of computing changes the way partners work with the end customer and helps them to offer the broadest set of services and plans results. This is however a perspective that can be implemented even out of the cloud model and something that companies should do even outside the cloud technology trend.