Top 3 In The Linux Virtualization Market

Only Microsoft doesn’t use Linux as a OS for its server virtualization platform. All other major producers of virtualization technologies use Linux Operating System.


VMWare hold almost 80% of virtualization market. Those who use their technology say that VMware provides great support, excellent training, and offers ver ystable virtualization products.


Virtuozzo and its predecessor OpenVZ are owned by Parallels. These are the worlds leading OS  levelvirtualization technologies. While OpenVZ is free and anyone would use it to develop in-house virtualization solution, Virtuozzo is a advanced and expensive software product. In OS level virtualization the kernel of the operating system allows for multiple isolated user-space instances, instead of just one. This makes each virtual private server an extension of the physical server. OpenVZ and Virtuozzo have many advantages and one disadvantage – we have to run on the virtual machines the same OS and kernel as we have on the physical server.


Citrix is the company that now owns Xen technology. Xen is popular hypervisor software and that’s why many commercial services and virtualization products are based on Xen. Citrix however has to offer a model of providing support for Xen that would help more businesses to start using this technology.