WMware Focused On Virtual Datacenter OS, Desktop Products And Vcloud Initiative

The VMware’s CTO Steve Herrod said in Q&A with SYS-CON’s Jeremy Geelan that “it is absolutely clear that virtualization is here to stay”. “In the future, we’ll look back at the non-virtualized compute models as we look back on the phonograph or on bulky CRTs. I believe we’re far from realizing the full benefits that virtualization can bring to datacenters, desktops, laptops, and mobile phones”, told Herrod SYS-Con’s journalist. “We have 3 major initiatives at VMware”, says Steve Herrod and particularizes:

  • Virtual Datacenter OS (datacenter products)
  • vClient (desktop products),
  • vCloud (connecting enterprise customers with cloud providers)

According to him the datacenter side of the business is the most mature, “but it’s still incredibly early on in this opportunity”. WMware’s CTO explains that his company constantly sees customers transition “their use of virtualization from tactical server consolidation projects to it being the centerpiece of their more strategic datacenter directions”. Herrod adds that as WMware’s customers continue the above progression, his company sees huge opportunities to provide management and automation solutions. Mr. Herrod told SYS-CON that the vCloud initiative is also “very early and full of promise”. “There’s a lot of hype over “cloud computing”, but we’re confident that we will have the tools to make the hype a reality and help enterprises leverage this new computing model for all of their applications and with their management and security concerns addressed”, explained WMware’s CTO. “Virtualization and automation are key enablers of cloud computing, so we feel that we have a major role to play in this new space”, answered STeve Herrod to a question “How does VMware define itself in relation to the new world of the cloud?” and addes that VMware’s vision is three fold:

Help enterprises to run their own datacenters in a more “cloud-like” fashion. These “internal clouds” will be more efficient, deliver compute capabilities on demand, and securely support multiple disparate departments on a shared physical infrastructure.

Provide a powerful software stack to a broad ecosystem of cloud providers. We’ll deliver a suite of software that will help “external clouds” increase their efficiency and provide meaningful service level agreements for their users.

Provide technologies to connect the internal and external clouds. The beauty of virtualized applications is that they are fully encapsulated and can be transported between datacenters without modification. We’re working with our partners to enable this connectivity and let enterprise customers leverage the external clouds as desired… for on-demand test labs, for overflow compute capacity during peak demand periods, or to completely transition a set of their production workloads.

The whole SYS-CON’s interview with WMware’s Steve Herrod “Virtualization Is Absolutely Here To Stay” can be read at media’s website.